Dallas Routine Ride Pass

Lock in back to school rides for carpool, after school activities, and anything in between. Shop 10, 25, or 50 rides for the semester and book on your schedule. 

Wondering which to buy? Select the ride pass that best fits your regular route, then use your pass as flexibly as you want. Any extra mileage will be charged after your ride. All ride passes will be valid through December 31st.

Alto's standard 18% service fee will be applied at checkout for all ride passes. Alto's service fee benefits our W2 employee drivers. 

Please allow 24-48 hours for your pass to arrive via email. Any mileage traveled over the purchased mileage will be charged after your ride at a rate of $4.32 per mile. When using an Alto Ride Pass other promotions will not apply. Rides not redeemed by 12/31/23 will not roll over. Ride Passes cannot be refunded 24 hours after purchase.

Choose a Ride Pass